Sunday, November 9, 2008

Not happy right now

I can't find Mommy Claire. Mommy Cate and my sister Carmen keep coming to the house to feed us and let us play for a little while, then going back to someplace called a hospital icu.

I'm really sad. I don't really like eating right now, because I think we should be out looking for her. Echo and Sabre told me they can track her. They used to do that for a job. But they can't get out of the house and yard to do it. Echo keeps trying. Mommy Claire always stays home with us, while Mommy Cate goes to work every day. We don't know what to do without her.

Echo is so sad. He's Mommy Claire's special boy, like Sabre is Mommy Cate's. Echo keeps sleeping at the top of the stairs, where he can see Mommy Claire's bedroom and watch the front door, just in case she appears.

Sabre won't eat unless Mommy Cate is home. Nobody really feels like playing. Mommy Claire left for the hospital Friday morning at 5 to get a tumor removed, but she's still not back. Mommy Cate said she's doing okay, but we won't see her for a few more days still.

-- Sad Dief


Ozzball said...

Me, John, and Kelly sends our hearts out to you Dief, your Brothers, and expecially your mommies. Be strong sis, and keep your love strong.



Alorinna said...

Thanks ozz. Mommy Cate said Mommy Claire is getting better, but she's still in the icu. She said we might get her back later this week.

Paws back...


Ozzie Dingeldein Snavley said...

Hey Dief,

We're glad to hear Mommy Claire is getting better. I hope she makes it home to you asap(I think that means quick). When she gets better, maybe we can see each other again. I miss you and would love to see you again and then our parents can meet. Go easy on her when she gets home too.

Paws and kisses,