Monday, November 17, 2008

White headed stepchild, again.

So Mommy Cate is back at work and now Carmen (my sis) is taking care of Mommy Claire all by herself while she gets better. Mommy Claire looks like she got in a bad fight. She's got a big boo-boo from her collar area to her tummy. So I'm not allowed to really play with her and all of us have to sit nice and let Mommy Claire pet us one by one.

So, this morning Carmie put me outside while she did stuff with Mommy Claire. Well, my brothers always tease me cause I look different. They say I'm the white headed stepchild of the family. So I looked at the red clay in the yard and thought, "AHA! I can make myself RED like them!"

I did pretty good, got almost half myself their color, and dug a really cool deep hole while I was at it. Then Carmen saw me and yelled.

Next thing I know I'm being hauled up and she took a picture of me before taking me to the drowning spot. She calls it a bathtub, but I know what water does. It drowns huskies! Luckily I fought really hard and I'm strong enough now to not be drowned. However, she took my red off!!!

So yeah, I think I'm in trouble. *sigh*

If anyone knows how to make the red stay on without the drowning spot removing it, please email me.

-- sad white dief


Nanook said...


Daddy says I wanna be Like charlie, just cuz i want to dig to china!
What's China?

I go him, my other daddy and auntie marge all brown too!

They started yelling something about grilling the husky. Whats all that about?

Much nibbles,

Diefenbaker said...

Did your daddies try to drown you too?

Luckily I'm super husky strong and escaped with my life - all she was able to do was get the red off.

Are we a special kind of husky? Mommy Cate said "damnhusky" the other day, I think that means I'm special!

Ozzie Dingeldein Snavley said...

I keep hearing my mommy and daddy saying they are so glad I don't know about this whole digging thing. I personally don't want to get my feet dirty. But I do have my eyes on the thing they call 'the carpet' if ya'll know what I mean...he, he.

I wasn't really that scared at the drowning place cuz I know I am Tuff! I showed that water who was the boss when started drinking it...yea.

Gotta go. Gotta go chew something.

Diefenbaker said...

Mommy Cate said I'm worse than a cat. I learned if I push hard enough, I can climb part way up the wall!


Ozzie the original OZ said...

Yea, I tried that one...but it was a no go. Mostly I just tried to drink the water and that seemed to work. I hated the part where they tried to smother me with the towel! It was great when daddy tried to dry me. I bee lined it right out of there and ran for mommy. I thought I was in the clear, and then all the sudden 'WHAMO' I am attacked by this thing that yells hot air at me. I was totally freaked out but boy did my fur get dry and poofy!