Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mommy Claire is Getting Better!

So this weekend, Mommy Claire was in bed and Mommy Cate lifted me up. Mommy Claire and I did some play fighting, and it was sooo much fun I fell off the bed. Mommy Cate picked me back up and then I learned that I can run and jump real high off the bed, and get pretty far when I land. Mommy Cate made a funny squeak when I did it the first time, but then she remembered that I am super husky strong and it doesn't hurt me. I did try to run and jump back on the bed and realized I'm a little short. I almost made it though. I really didn't appreciate the Mommies laughing when I bounced backward and landed on my butt on the floor.

Mommy Cate had to go to work yesterday and Carmen had to go back to some place called the Army, so Mommy Claire babysat me yesterday! This was the first time since she got attacked by that surgeondog. She said she actually had a median sternotomy, but I dunno what that means. I do know it means that she can't pick me up cause I'm too heavy; I'm 23 pounds!!! AWOOOOOOO!

So yesterday I was all confused, and kept asking to go out. I'd come back in, but I'd see that she wasn't up to playing, so I'd ask to go right back out again. Then when she still wouldn't play I peed on the floor by her desk. Sorry Mom, dunno what came over me.

So anyway, Mommy Cate left for work this morning and told me I have to behave. I gave her kisses the whole time she was trying to tie her shoes. That's SOOO funny cause she gets annoyed but still likes it, so she doesn't tell me off. I gotta go back to sleep for a while until Mommy Claire can get up and let me out of my cave.

Oz, my brother, you gotta tell Mommy Cate where we should meet up! She pulled me out of my Sunday class at PetSmart. I know all the commands already and there was only one other dog. She wanted me to socialize, but I know how to do that already. I got Sunday afternoon available now!



Ozzie the OZmonster said...

Wow!! It sounds like your mommy claire is getting better. THat's great! I love the bed. First thing in the morning, john or kelly let me out so I can go pee or poop and all I want to do is get up on that bed of theirs. It is soooo high though. I also try to get up there but always bounce off too. I refuse to quit untill I get there. You ACTUALLLY JUMP off the bed. YOu are so crazy sis. My mom and dad tell me that I have high anxiety. I am not sure what that is, but all I know is I dont like heights. I get reallly scared when it comes to jumping off things. Once I got so scared I peed on the bed. They got real mad at me, but were kinda laughing about it too. Stupid humans. I said I was sorry with lots of kisses. You are already in Petsmart class. That is so cool. I start tonight at a place called Merry Mac. I am wondering about the whole thing because I am not sure it is going to be worth it. I already know sit, laydown, roll over, shake and come. I figure that I will be valedictorian by the end of the whole thing. Daddy wants to know where you live so we can meet up. I think it would fun to exchange to adventures and kisses. We live in Woodstock and can come to you if you are close, since your mommy is hurt still and all.


Diefenbaker said...

Aw Oz, don't worry. It's probably cause you don't have two HUGE brothers that you follow that teach you its okay to do things like jump off stuff. I splatted on my chin once jumping from the thrid stair.

Actually, I dropped out of my petsmart class. Mom only wanted it for socialization, and there was only one other dog in it (and a really wild kid that kept shaking a box of treats in my ear and jumping around yelling the entire time!!

Mommy Cate said that would be SO awesome, and you should have John email her at alorinna (at) gmail.com. We live in Lawrenceville!

-- Dief

Indy said...

I hope your mommy Claire keeps feeling better!