Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cesar Millan

Mommy Claire likes to let us watch Cesar so we can see dogs on TV. Today he showed he has a husky!! He uses the husky to get other dogs really excited!! So that's what MY job is!!


Mommy Claire is sitting on the floor crying real quiet now. Silly mommy. I bet she needs me to bite her toes or something.

Gotta go do my job now!! Sabre's almost asleep. I'm gonna go wake him up by sneak attacking him!!



Anonymous said...

2 Shephards and a Husky - I would be in heaven. Course I have the shephards - I just need the husky - but that has to wait till I get a bigger home.

Anonymous said...

don't do it!!! lol

oyku said...

Seriously, don't! I have 2 rescued huskies. Cesar's Way worked a lot in many ways, but the pulling! I feel so helpless about it, I just can't make them stop pulling. I want to go on long, nice walks with them, but it just isn't possible :(. Instead I have to be on a bike or we have to take a 10 km walk in a forest which is the only place they can be off-leash (I hear huskies run away but mine has absolutely no intention of doing so).
You should be ready to dedicate a lot of time every day to drain their energy.
As everyone knows a tired dog is a happy dog. A tired husky is very hard work! I'd say think twice.