Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wow, yesterday was fun!

I'm really smart. Just so you know. Smart, fast and cute. I learned a lot of new stuff yesterday, and I'm dying to tell you about it!

First - some pictures! This picture is the three of us. The boys are sleeping, and I'm planning my next attack. I have to do this with my eyes closed so I can keep the element of surprise:

This is my picture where I caught my brother Echo. Mommy Claire wouldn't let me string him upside down like those fish pictures, so I had to go for the traditional hunter pose:

So anyway, what I learned yesterday:

#1 - I have mastered the "go outside" command. I figured out that as long as I don't pee in the house, and I at least pee a little outside, I can make the moms carry me down the stairs several times a day so I can play outside and drag small trees around the yard.

#2 - Oh yeah, I made a killer new game! It's called German Shepherd Springboard and it is soooo much fun. Check this out. What you need for the game is an escape plan (like my small secret passage behind the couch that separates the office from the living room), a German Shepherd brother that is either sleeping or just about to fall asleep (you need them to be REALLY still for this), and a good long area to build up speed in a run. Go to your starting place, pretend you're about to go to sleep, then launch yourself at FULL SPEED at your brother and jump so you land right on his back and then jump again from that point. You'll go REALLY high in the air!! Make sure you give a little WOOO HOOOO yell while you're in the air for extra cool points. You'll land a little hard, so you'll lose a few seconds while you pick yourself up. Plan for that. Next, run super duper fast to your escape route so your brother can't catch you and tell you off. Hahahahaha. I just LOVE this game!!

#3 - Mommy Cate has changed my name. For some reason my name is now Diefno! I don't get it. Silly mommy.

#4 - A super cool trick is to wait until Mommy Claire is taking a break from watching me and doing stuff on her computer while Mommy Cate is far enough away that she can't catch me. This is a sneak attack so you have to pretend you're gonna go to sleep, then explode into a super duper fast run, dive under Mommy Claire's desk, grab the mouse cable with your mouth, and keep running as fast as you can! Okay, it hurts a little when the mouse slams against the wall and it flips you on your back, but Mommy Claire's face is SOOO funny that it's worth it!!

Gotta go, Sabre's just about to fall asleep and I see some potential springboard action!


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FishBulb500 said...

You are a darling little fellow! Good for you, catching a big ol' German Shepherd like that. :D