Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hello World!

Hi! My name is Diefenbaker, but you can call me Dief. I'm named after the "wolf" from the show Due South. The wolf was really a Siberian Husky like me. I also answer to "OUCH" and "you little imp!" and "howler". I'm 7 weeks old, my favorite things are chewing, howling, and terrorizing people, rugs, walls and my new brothers.

My new alphas are Cate and Claire, and I also live with two really big German Shepherds. They're both smelly boys, and they're named Echo and Sabre. I thought people might be entertained by my adventures, so I started this blog.

This is me:

This is my oldest brother in the pack, Echo, drowning me with his 5 foot tongue again:

Echo and I get along great, although he says he really doesn't like me biting his tail. It's fun, so I'm not sure why he doesn't like it. I can usually get a few good jump attacks in on him before he catches me. I run fast and can escape through small places he can only get his nose.

This is my other brother Sabre, who keeps telling me he's confused. He says I smell like a dog but I don't look like one or even sound like a real dog. I howl and talk at him, but he just keeps looking at me funny like he doesn't understand. I guess I need to learn to speak German or something. I think he's still trying to tell if I'm some really cool new toy. He stepped on my paw this morning, which really hurt because he's a heavy butt. I growled at him and pounced him and play-bowed twice trying to get him to take me on so I could show him I was tough, but I think he felt bad about making me cry. I hate looking like a sissy, so I'll have to beat him up when he's not looking. This is a picture of him staring at me trying to figure out where my batteries go. I don't know what batteries are, but I told him I don't think I have any. He just gave me that look again:

I don't think he's too smart.

I've lived with them for 4 days now, I left my old family on Saturday. A lot has happened since then, but Claire needs to feed me now cause my tummy hurts.



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Anonymous said...

hello you little scamp, Im your english nannie, so hows that for a real scoop, I am mummy Claires big mummie and I know lots of your little doggie tricks, because my Rex used to play them all the time, you just be good, and take care of your 2 mummies because they,re special, I am thinking of getting a retired greyhound to play with and help me get some more excercisem cos you know sometimes humans when theve stopped working can get rather podgy round their spare bits, and thats not good. hope you have lots of fun with your new family, lots of doggie kisses from nana Carolyn.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx