Friday, October 17, 2008

Queen of the Hill

So, I've been pretty busy figuring stuff out at my new house, so I'm a little late posting. I kept Mommy Claire *super* busy yesterday. Humans need lots of exercise so you really gotta keep 'em moving, you know. I had a whole bunch of shortcuts I found between the living room and office. There's a couch there that separates the two, and I can wriggle behind and squeeze from room to room. It's really FUN because then the mommies have to run all the way around through the kitchen to nab me on the other side, and when they get to me I can shoot through again to the other room. Hahahahaha, man, that game is so much fun.

Mommy Cate tried to block the way with a box the other night. I ran real fast and tried to jump through the little space at the top. I got stuck in midair with my belly on the box. OOF. I couldn't touch the ground with my back paws, and my front legs and head were stuck Superman style through the front. Mean Mommy Cate was laughing really hard while she unsqueezed me, but I got her back by attacking that box of hers. Mommy Claire tried to block me out yesterday too, but I'm just THAT good. Can't touch this!

Mommy Claire told Mommy Cate I go 2000 miles per hour! I'm super fast! Glad she realizes what a big strong girl I am :D

Sabre and I are now best buddies. We play all the time. I have a new fun thing to do! I climb on his back from one side and then slide down to the floor on the other! It's SOOOO much fun. I never get tired of it.

Oh yeah, and let me tell you about my GREAT thing this morning! This is HUGE! Mommy Cate was getting dressed real quick while she thought we were all in the kitchen, but I snuck by and guess what? I climbed the stairs to the second floor all by myself!!!!

Mommy Cate was running around calling my name - it was SOOO funny. I hid upstairs and laughed and laughed. She had no idea I was hiding at the TOP of the stairs. She didn't think I could make it all the way up there. So she told Sabre to 'Find Dief!' cause he's a search dog and knows my name now. So stupid stinky Sabie came up the stairs to tell on me. But mom still didn't believe I was up there so she called Sabre back down. I think she was getting pretty upset so I came down. She saw me coming down (I was almost down to the bottom!) and she never even said what a super strong girl I am. Oh well, at least I know now I have a WHOLE NOTHER HOUSE at the top to explore!!!




Jewels31328 said...


i'm gonna get in trouble looking at this at work mom!

btw my coworker thinks you have beautiful german sheps. :)

Diefenbaker said...

Beautiful German Shepherds? But... but... I'm a HUSKY!!!!!


Jewels31328 said...

lmao. silly diefy.

you're beautiful too! (i think you're more prettier than the other goggies.)