Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Man, what a crazy few days!

So much to catch up on! Let's see...

Saturday Mommy Cate took me to see Dr. Travis, a nice lady at some place called Mercy Animal Hospital. I told her I wasn't sick, but nooo... she stuffed me in my crate and threw me in the car anyway. The ride itself wasn't too bad. Mom had the radio on and I sang really loud the ENTIRE way there. Mommy called it howling, I think that means I'm really good at it.

Dr. Travis was a nice lady. She petted me and gave me a "special" cookie cause she said something about worms. I dunno. It was a pretty good cookie. She rubbed my belly and said I was a good puppy. Then a really big mosquito BIT me! Thankfully Dr. Travis knew right where it stung me and scratched it for me. Mommy said something about being good with shots. I dunno what that means, but I hope Dr. Travis makes sure no more big bugs are there to bite me next time.

So, this weekend Mommy Cate said she was tired of my wiggling when she carried me down the stairs outside, and after I showed her I could run up them myself she decided that I could learn how to go up and down. Our stairs are about 8' tall. You go down some and then you have a nice big place to lay in the sun. Then you go down more and you're on the ground!

Mommy put a halter on me. She said I can be a big girl and do it myself as long as she has a leash on my halter and can keep me from falling. A couple of times she let me go down the last few steps on my own. I learned that if you jump from the third step it doesn't feel real good. Sabre jumped from the second so I tried that and I splatted on my chin. So now I just do a BIG jump from the first step for style.

After 3 days of making sure I was okay, I decided this morning to show Mommy Claire I was big enough on my own. So when she opened the door to let my brothers out, I zipped out really fast and surprised her! I waited for Sabre at the "landing" and had him walk down with me. Then I peed and went up a few stairs and waited for my big brother Sabre to escort me back up. He's really sweet. Mommy Claire was just shaking her head and looking shocked but I'm pretty sure she's proud of me!

This is me on my new stairs. I'm the queen of the world!

So, I got a lot more to talk about but right now I think Sabre needs me to play tug of war, so BYE!!!!

Oh yeah, and a big husky howl to my brother Ozzie!

-- Dief

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