Thursday, October 23, 2008

NOT sleepy!

Hahahaha. The mommies kept saying they wanted me to sleep ALL night. So I am sorta. I do wake up and ask if they're still there at 3am, but I don't have to go out now, so I just go back to sleep.

But Mommy Claire wants me to sleep during the day too? HAH! I got non-stop HUSKYPOWER now!

I don't know why Mommy Claire and Sabre and Echo are all crying together in the corner.

By the way, I'm being tortured! Mommy Cate bought a "play-yard" for me outside so Mommy Claire could do things like "eat and stuff and just have five minutes, just five minutes of peace and quiet!" during the day. But I'm in JAIL! NOT fair. Someone call the humane society please, I'm being abused!


johnding said...

We have Ozzie, ozwald, or the 'ozzball', Dief's litter brother. He is a terror. Thinks he is in charge of all things moving or otherwise. I swear I hear him scream 'redrum' when he is in his crate. I will continue to write as long as I have bloody nubs of fingers. Is she biting like crazy? How's the house trainging going?

Anonymous said...

Yes she is biting, but I bite back, house training is going slow, she taps the door to go out sometimes, but if you're not in the same room you don't know.

She need to learn to howl at the door.

she drinks gallons of water if we let her lol