Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is how you tell a mom you need to go outside

Get up REAL close like this and stare until they acknowledge you.

If they still ignore you, stick your tongue up their nose.

Puppy paws,

-- Dief

Monday, April 27, 2009

Yesterday was the best day!

First, I faked out Mommy Cate by getting my paws super muddy even though the clay in the yard was bone dry. She opened the door and I zoomied past her. It was SO funny running though every room in the house painting my paw prints on the cream carpet. I even made it all the way up the stairs (there were paw prints on the stairs, how cool!) and into the hallway. Sadly, Mommy Claire grabbed me before I could jump on their bed and paint it too.

But then, Mommy Cate put me in this horrible contraption she called a seat belt harness. I got myself all upside down in the truck with it and Mommy Cate had to readjust everything so I COULDN'T MOVE!!! Someone call the humane society!

But, then we drove for a while and to my HUGE surprise we went to Ozzie's house! Ozzie is my litter brother, and this was play date #2. Mommy Cate was so busy trying to clean me up before we left that she left her camera, so head over to see the pics at Ozz's blog :D


Last night when we got home, I fell asleep and slept a while. When the Mommies said "bedtime", I cried and cried and howled. I wanted my Ozzie. Finally though, around 11:30 I fell asleep. What a great day!

Puppy kisses,


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sleepy husky

I'm tired. Mommy Cate worked on potterys and put them in the kiln. I had to babysit her. Mommy Claire gave me a sour jellybean as a reward. It was really weird, but I think I liked it.

This was me sitting on Mommy Claire's lap and yawning.

Night all!

-- Dief

Mom and I have a store together!

Mommy Cate started up a new store online and said I'm her pottery puppy and mascot! Sabre gets to be the shop dog downstairs. I was pretty jealous because Mommy Cate lets him walk around and sleep beside her while she hammers stuff and uses the fire thing on the metal. She does make him leave if she does enamel, cause she has to protect something called his lungs.

Anyway, so here I was, feeling all left out, when Mommy Cate looked at me in all my muddy, clay eating glory and said "That's it! I'll call the shop Dirty Puppy Clayworks!"

So she sat back down and was making more potterys (whatever they are) and she had this big bag of really yummy clay beside her. She called it porcelain. I called it yummy and took a couple of licks before she caught me. So now I've been told I can't help by eating it. But I get to be the model! Take a look! Ignore the potterys, look at me! :D

Mommy is trying to design a logo to stamp on the bottom of all the potterys with my picture! I'm so pretty. Take THAT Sabre - boys drool and girls rule!

Puppy kisses!

-- Happy Dief