Sunday, February 7, 2010

The last straw!

Okay, so it's about time. The mommies got off their butts and took some family pictures. Mommy Cate put some straw down on our clay. It's soooo much fun to play in! You can see all the pictures - including the ones of Ziva dive bombing Mommy Cate here on Mommy Claire's Picasa. Remember, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger and see me better!

Anyway, here are some pictures to enjoy :)

Me, of course. Mommy Claire said smile so I stuck my tongue out instead.


This is all of us kids and Mommy Cate. Mommy Claire was taking the pictures.

Max was having fun spreading the straw for Mommy Cate

Max kisses Mommy Cate while she hugs me and Ziva

Get her, Max! Sabre guards the rear

Okay, well, it's nice weather and I'm gonna go play. Later everyone!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Carmen's having a puppy!

That what the Mommies said. They spent the weekend saying "woo hooooo" and then "omg we're going to be grandmommies!"

Whatever. As long as she keeps that puppy at her house with Gwumpy, I guess it doesn't matter.

However, on to more important things - ME.

I'm pretty.

Anyway, mommy Cate took the rottenweiler to PetSmart yesterday. And get this, she forgot to take me with her! I mean, so I awoooo and trip her and try to get away the whole time I'm there. Is that a CRIME? She did bring home a special bed for Echo (cause he is getting old and his hips hurt) and some toys for us, but I expressed my displeasure by eating her book this morning.

Mommies. Hmph.

Power to the Fluffy!!!!