Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stealth Puppy ...

or you can't catch this .....

it's raining, again! Mom is waiting by the door with a towel as Dief "The Doofus" has been out all day & refused to come in. That crazy Husky doesn't get it, if you get that muddy you go to jail. Especially when the entrance is to Mom's office.

I think she's going to be doing some hard time, also think I need to start putting my paw down again ...... on her head.


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10 things about me

My cool brother Ozzie tagged me to write 10 things about myself. Here goes!

#1 - I am the toughest dog in the house. I even chew metal.

#2 - I like my brothers' food better than mine. The moms switched me to Eagle something food - tastes like fish. I'll eat it but I still try to distract Sabre and grab a bite of his before I'll touch mine.

#3 - I have a routine in the morning. Mommy Cate lets me out of my cave, and I step my two front feets out. Then I stretch and yawn. Mommy Cate says I "coo like a pigeon." Then I dash to the door, remembering to kiss Mommy Cate at the last minute, so I have to turn around, jump up and give her a kiss before I go outside.

#4 - I don't like to be in the house. I also don't like when my sissy brothers go inside because it's storming, too cold, whatever. I'll stand on my hind legs and jump against the glass door until one of the mommies opens it and tells Sabre to go outside with me.

#5 - I sleep with a big flat buffalo toy.

#6 - I have a HUGE fluffy tail. My butt's pretty fluffy too. The moms were singing some song about them "liking big butts and they cannot lie" the other night as I walked away. I dunno what that's about.

#7 - I am an expert hole digger. I love to be filthy.

#8 - I still like to grab poop, run up and show it to Mommy Cate and then haul butt staying just out of her reach. When she starts to give up I eat it and watch her yell.

#9 - My favorite game is to fling myself against the glass door standing up, like I'm desperate to come in. Then when the moms come to the door I back up 2 feet and act like they are strangers trying to kidnap me. They give up, shut the door, and I start again when they sit back down. SOOO much fun.

#10 - I hate baths (the moms try to drown me sometimes) but I love drinking from the hose.

Husky kisses,


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hunger strike.

Okay, so here's the deal. The boys used to get Wellness like I do - I just get the large breed puppy food. Then, Mommy Cate switched them to Royal Canin German Shepherd formula for Echo's tummy. They love it and so do I.

Carmen accidentally gave ME a bowl of their food the other day. Their food tastes so GOOD! I try to steal theirs when the aren't paying attention. I have been on strike for days now, and have been eating twigs instead of my own food and just supplementing by stealing from the boys.

So, what my mommy needs to know is what do you guys eat that is really healthy for huskies (the vet said I can eat adult food now) that I won't turn my nose up at? I gotta eat something, and I think my food should be really yummy too. My Wellness food is $58 a bag, so I think she'll buy me whatever is really good. Mommy Claire found something called Eagle Pack that looks like it's designed for huskies, but we don't know anyone feeding it.

I saw that Oz tagged me, gotta go work on my answers!


-- hungry Dief