Saturday, July 18, 2009

I is home from the animal hospital

So Mommy Cate threw me in the truck and took me to the "animal hospital." She was all concerned because my nictating something was covering my eyeball. I had tried to tell her my eye was hurting but she didn't understand what I was saying until she saw me squinting.

Anyways, we got there and the nice doctor lady put something called "floor scent" drops in my eye. I didn't think it smelled like the floor, but she said it would make my eyeball shine in her special light.

She came back out and let me go back to Mommy Cate, and said I had a scratch in my eye. So they ganged up on me, pinned me down and squirted some weird stuff in my eye. Worse yet, they told me I can't play for a few days and I have to get the drops every 8 hours :(

But anyway, I'm home, and in my kennel with a kong stuffed with some peanut butter. Mommy Cate just made raspberry smoothies for her and Mommy Claire and all of us, so I guess the special treat was worth it.

Hope everyone has a better night than I did! I want an eye patch, dang it.


-- Pirate Dief


Pacing in my crate as Dief has been rushed to the vet, her eye looks strange. It's red and looks like muscle is covering it or her left eye is turned to the left :(

*Howls for Dief*

<- used secret spy satellite to find my sis

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Mommies...

Last night, Mommy Cate dragged me into the drowning spot. I dug in all four feets in the carpet to keep her from taking me into that room, but she's a LOT bigger than me.

Mommy Claire watched her shut the door, heard her pick me up and CROSS-TIE me.

She heard my cries and screams and howls as Mommy Cate tried to drown me. Mommy cate even had a special dog killing bottle - it's called the furminator. Ziva sat outside the door and tried to figure out how to save me. I think she scared Mommy Cate off, because somehow I survived.

Well, I have a message for you today. I'm not your cute little victim any more. I'm applying to HULA. And I has a message for you. These pictures from this morning show what I think of your attempts at drowning me last night. (Thanks, Ziva, for taking the pics for me)

Love (not so much)


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My new partner in crime

So I really like hanging with Ziva. She rocks. She's super-duper fast and when we play zoomies we take turns catching each other and she can actually catch ME! She also loves to play bitey-face all the time. It's almost like I was living with Ozzie! (Hiya BRO!)

Here's some pictures of us together. Note that I'm the one laying under the buffet. If you look closely, you can see my tribute to Ozzie. Note that not only do I have CRAZY TONGUE but I'm actually laying on it! Beat that Oz!

This hidey-place doubles as a buffet when we're fast enough.

Sabre and Ziva try to look all cool and casual, but they fail. They're just not husky enough.

Sabre talks about the smoothie we all got for breakfast.

Sabre debates if he can fit in here. I told him it's Huskies only.

Sabre says he hates apples and rolls his eyes while Ziva says "no way!"

I win the Crazy Tongue contest. I say so, and I am a princess, so that's it.