Sunday, December 28, 2008


Man, I love red clay, but I hate the drowning that happens after I play in it. So today is "punish poor Dief" day. Mommy Cate will be setting down lots of mulch and blocking all my lovely yard holes with something. She's also trimming my nails because she said I fought too hard in the bath. I mean, what does she expect when she tries to drown me, just sit quietly and let her kill me? Sheesh.

This was me being captured by Mommy Cate:

By the way, Ozzie, is this YOU???
Husky Steals Bone from Supermarket

By all, gotta go hide from the dremel nail eater.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Happy Christmas from Echo, Sabre, and ME!

We had a great day. New toys, Christmas dinner (potatoes, carrots, and some of mommy Claire's sausage) and lots of snuggles and kisses. Mommy Cate brushed out Echo and Sabre. She took a picture. She said we have a whole 'nother puppy there! I tried to get it to play with me, but it wouldn't.

Special hugs to Ozzie! Love you bro!


Sleepy Echo


Echo and Sabre fur
What's left of my brothers.

-- Dief

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We have a ghost dog!

I keep telling the mommies that the house is haunted. They don't believe me!

Sometimes, late at night when I'm looking out the sliding glass doors into our back yard and wishing I was eating pinecones, I see the ghost!

I think it's a girl, and she's a husky my size! At first she looks nice and friendly but then when I look at her close she looks a little mean. When I growl at her she gets a REALLY mean look on her face like she's growling back!

She has to be a ghost, because a live dog would smell like dog and a dead one would smell bad. I keep trying to tell the mommies, but they just laugh and laugh while I try to keep the ghost dog out.

It is my sworn duty now to guard the mommies against this ghost dog every night. If someone could please tell my mommies I'd appreciate it, because they don't listen to me.

PS - Echo and Sabre don't believe me either.

PPS - Happy Christmas Eve!

--Worried Dief

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In case you wondered

An update about me:

* I'm 30 pounds now!
* I'm 4 months old.
* I have my 4 front top big girl teeth, and I just lost a side baby tooth.
* My vet just gave me a rabies shot, so I apparently have rabies now. Not sure how that works or why I'd want it, but it stung.
* I love to give kisses!

My newest picture:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dief and Ozzie's Great Adventure!

So Sunday was my play date with my litter brother Ozzie. We had sooo much fun. We played, and fought, and tumbled and ran. Then we fought some more. We were playing in the yard and I found a fresh pile one of my big brothers left, so I rolled Ozzie in it. Sorry Oz!

Ozzie and I look so different now! I'm super fuzzy and he's all nice and neat looking. Darn humidity! Mommy Cate says I'm a "chunk", but I don't know what that means. All I know is it is fun to hear her say "oof" when she picks me up. I think she's trying to bark. So cute.

I got to meet John and Kelly, Ozzie's humans. They're pretty nice!

Ozzie lost two teeth biting me while we played. I didn't feel a thing! I'm husky tough! Oz, I'll mail your teeth if I find them.

ps Oz, my brother Echo said you didn't follow through on your claim that you could beat him up.

Here's the pictures!

This is Oz playing vampire.

This is us touching noses the hard way.

This is Oz trying to smother me.

Mommy Cate tries to wipe poop off of Ozzie after I rolled him in it.

Ozzie tries to escape, but I grab him by the tail.

Oz gets away. I totally let him.

Oz tries to use me as a pillow.

Me. I'm so pretty.

This is us playing looking fierce. Oz is on the left.

Us again. Oz on the left again.

I can't wait for the next play date! Loves ya OZ!


Monday, December 8, 2008

I don't like Mommy Cate anymore.

Last night Mommy Cate had to make stuff in her shop downstairs. That's the place she caught me with the husky trap, but I still LOVE to go in there and play.

However, last night, she captured me and threw me in a PLAYPEN. She said "Look Dief, you're right beside me and I can lean over and kiss you on the nose. I have orders to fill, so hush. You're fine!"

And, yes, it's true. I could get a kiss whenever I wanted but I *HATE* when she works.

#1 - She ignores me. She says she can't solder if she's looking at me cause she'll burn the shop down.
#2 - She makes LOUD noises with her hammer.
#3 - She ignores me.
#4 - She makes smelly things when she uses her stuff to "oxidize silver".
#5 - She ignores me.
#6 - She tells me to be quiet for just one minute while she concentrates. Like I'm not concentrating too? I'm concentrating on all the talking and howling! It doesn't just HAPPEN.
#7 - She ignores me.
#8 - She doesn't let me eat the shiny rocks if she drops them. She also doesn't let me play with the stuff she makes.

So, I have decided that since Mommy Cate has decided I need to hang out with her when she works downstairs that I'm not going to be her friend anymore.

*grumble* *grumble* *howl*


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I have pictures!!!

Click the pictures to see them bigger!

My brother Sabre makes the best pillow.

Me after Mommy tried to drown me. 3 days of rain and I get punished for playing in the red mud??

I have a PIZZA BONE! The Mommies and Carmen got pizza, and when they were done they gave us the bones. YUM! Sabre ate his fast, so he was asking me "Are you gonna eat that?"

Me and Sabre, just chilling.

My brother Echo trying to eat me. I love this picture cause I looks tough in Echo's mouth.

Mommy Claire is Getting Better!

So this weekend, Mommy Claire was in bed and Mommy Cate lifted me up. Mommy Claire and I did some play fighting, and it was sooo much fun I fell off the bed. Mommy Cate picked me back up and then I learned that I can run and jump real high off the bed, and get pretty far when I land. Mommy Cate made a funny squeak when I did it the first time, but then she remembered that I am super husky strong and it doesn't hurt me. I did try to run and jump back on the bed and realized I'm a little short. I almost made it though. I really didn't appreciate the Mommies laughing when I bounced backward and landed on my butt on the floor.

Mommy Cate had to go to work yesterday and Carmen had to go back to some place called the Army, so Mommy Claire babysat me yesterday! This was the first time since she got attacked by that surgeondog. She said she actually had a median sternotomy, but I dunno what that means. I do know it means that she can't pick me up cause I'm too heavy; I'm 23 pounds!!! AWOOOOOOO!

So yesterday I was all confused, and kept asking to go out. I'd come back in, but I'd see that she wasn't up to playing, so I'd ask to go right back out again. Then when she still wouldn't play I peed on the floor by her desk. Sorry Mom, dunno what came over me.

So anyway, Mommy Cate left for work this morning and told me I have to behave. I gave her kisses the whole time she was trying to tie her shoes. That's SOOO funny cause she gets annoyed but still likes it, so she doesn't tell me off. I gotta go back to sleep for a while until Mommy Claire can get up and let me out of my cave.

Oz, my brother, you gotta tell Mommy Cate where we should meet up! She pulled me out of my Sunday class at PetSmart. I know all the commands already and there was only one other dog. She wanted me to socialize, but I know how to do that already. I got Sunday afternoon available now!