Thursday, April 29, 2010

Missing: Two Rottenweilers!

I don't know where they went, but I asked Sabre and Echo to track them. They say the trail ends at the front door along with Mommy Cate's. I'm thinking they dragged Mommy Cate outside because she didn't feed and water them this morning. I heard her saying something about the boys getting ALTERED, but I have no idea what they would be turned into? Does that mean they'll get made shorter or skinnier? Anyway, if you see them, please alert me ASAP.

Max aka Dozer, 90 pounds, kind of slobbery.

Reece, 85 pounds, keeps trying to kiss all the girls.

-- Worried Dief

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life on the dog ranch

Okay, it's getting a little crowded and crazy around here. Of course, you all know that we had 5 dogs here... but then Carmen moved in with us and brought Gwumpy (also known as Reece) to live with us.

Now, don't get me wrong, Reece is pretty cool, for a sissy. I mean, I can beat him up, so... not impressed. But, I can pretty much beat up anyone in the house. But here's the thing: we all have to REALLY behave because of new rules.

#1 - No jumping on Carmen's belly to play with the puppy she's growing in there. I mean, her belly LOOKS like it's big enough to have a puppy come out, but the Mommies keep saying we have to wait until September. BORING!

#2 - No roughhousing with Reece. Sheesh. You'd think that just because Ziva, Max and I all had him pinned on the ground making growly noises and playing vampire that we're BULLYING him. Whatever.

#3 - I gotta get my hair cut! The mommies say that I have too much fur and that I'm poofing out pollen and stuffs, making Carmen wheeze. They say we gotta protect the puppy in her tummy, so *I* have to suffer the indignation of getting trimmed. I hope she has 12 puppies, by the way. That would be cool.

#4 - We can't jump on Max because he has boo boo'd legs. Something about hip dysplasia and muscles and stuffs. He went to the really nice vet at Gwinnett Animal Hospital that helps Echo walk when he's hurting, and she did some stuffs to his legs. He says he feels a little better now so MAYBE someday soon we can start roughhousing with him again.

And of course, pictures of me. I'm so pretty. I don't want to be trimmed!

This is how I look when Mommy Cate says she's gonna trim my hair: