Tuesday, October 20, 2009

His name is Max and he's a rottenweiler!

The mommies renamed him from Doc to Max. Max and Grumpy are sick though, and they had to get pills from the vet. But, he's still eating food that *I* could be eating. Hmph.

He's pretty funny though. Mommy Cate stepped over the baby gate and he tried to jump it. When he couldn't, he back up a few steps and tried to get a running start to leap it. He tried about 10 times before Mommy Cate picked him up.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We've been invaded!!!!

Okay, so what the hell. Mommy Cate came home with TWO gremlins! My sis Carmen was here, and when Mommy Cate came in Carmen took one of the invaders and started hugging him and kissing him. She said his name was GRUMPY and that he was hers. I don't know why she called him Grumpy, he looked pretty happy to me. Mommy Claire started holding the other one saying "Hi Doc."

Thankfully, Carmen took that grumpy one with her when she went back to her own crate.

But, then the mommies let me sniff him. He smells FUNKY. He doesn't look like a husky and doesn't sound like one either. I don't know WHAT they are thinking. I went outside with him while he went pee but he said he couldn't with my head under him. Whatever. I tried to get him to run so I could chase him but stupid Mommy Cate made me be nice and let him pee instead.

This one is "ours"

All I can say is he better not eat my food.


Anyway, on to more IMPORTANT THINGS. Here's ME:

Friday, October 16, 2009

The trouble with tribbles

I heard a rumour that another creature is coming to join us this weekend...

I managed to get Ziva to use her leet skillz to snap a picture from a passing satellite.

What kind of animal is that ???!!!

I don't think It should be fed after midnight or put near water.

He's a rescue like Ziva, guess that's ok, we'll see.