Monday, November 23, 2009

HULA, I need you!

Okay, so you know about my brother troubles, right? Well, I have a plan...

Max's brother Grumpy has a blog. Go there and try to convince his Mommy Carmen to take Max to live with Grumpy. I mean, I'm SURE they miss each other, right?

By the way, when do I get a membership? I think I've earned one!

-- Dief the unbedded

Little Brothers are Annoying.

Stinky New Brother:

Okay, so the mommies decided to get MAX, because (boo hoo) he needed rescuing. He told me he was being kept in a kennel when she got him, so it doesn't sound like he really needed to call 911. Whatever.

Anyway, so get this: the little squirt has taken my den! The mommies said I was old enough to sleep out of the crate at night finally because I haven't "destroyed" anything in a long time. But now I don't even get a CHOICE. That stupid Max gets to sleep in MY bed every night.

And he gets the same food I do, and more of it! Mommy Cate says that he's supposed to get 2% of his ADULT weight, and that he'll be 100 pounds or so. I, on the other hand, am a petite 55 pounds. So farthead, who is half my size, gets more than me!


Oh yeah, and they won't let me bite him hard enough to make him squeal. Every time he cries, it's DIEF!!! STOP KILLING HIM!!

That does it. I'm moving out. I'll be living in the yard if anyone wants me. I'll show them who's calling the shots here.

Me, living in the yard now. Just TRY to catch me, mommies.

Me. I'm pretty but I'm fierce. RAWR.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

His name is Max and he's a rottenweiler!

The mommies renamed him from Doc to Max. Max and Grumpy are sick though, and they had to get pills from the vet. But, he's still eating food that *I* could be eating. Hmph.

He's pretty funny though. Mommy Cate stepped over the baby gate and he tried to jump it. When he couldn't, he back up a few steps and tried to get a running start to leap it. He tried about 10 times before Mommy Cate picked him up.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

We've been invaded!!!!

Okay, so what the hell. Mommy Cate came home with TWO gremlins! My sis Carmen was here, and when Mommy Cate came in Carmen took one of the invaders and started hugging him and kissing him. She said his name was GRUMPY and that he was hers. I don't know why she called him Grumpy, he looked pretty happy to me. Mommy Claire started holding the other one saying "Hi Doc."

Thankfully, Carmen took that grumpy one with her when she went back to her own crate.

But, then the mommies let me sniff him. He smells FUNKY. He doesn't look like a husky and doesn't sound like one either. I don't know WHAT they are thinking. I went outside with him while he went pee but he said he couldn't with my head under him. Whatever. I tried to get him to run so I could chase him but stupid Mommy Cate made me be nice and let him pee instead.

This one is "ours"

All I can say is he better not eat my food.


Anyway, on to more IMPORTANT THINGS. Here's ME:

Friday, October 16, 2009

The trouble with tribbles

I heard a rumour that another creature is coming to join us this weekend...

I managed to get Ziva to use her leet skillz to snap a picture from a passing satellite.

What kind of animal is that ???!!!

I don't think It should be fed after midnight or put near water.

He's a rescue like Ziva, guess that's ok, we'll see.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's my birthday!!!

Sing with me now!

Happy birthday to ME...
Happy birthday to Ozz...
Happy birthday to NanookWhoMustHaveDugToChina...
Happy birthday to us!!!

Mommy Cate is taking me to PetSmart tomorrow to pick out a present!


-- One Year Old Dief

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I is home from the animal hospital

So Mommy Cate threw me in the truck and took me to the "animal hospital." She was all concerned because my nictating something was covering my eyeball. I had tried to tell her my eye was hurting but she didn't understand what I was saying until she saw me squinting.

Anyways, we got there and the nice doctor lady put something called "floor scent" drops in my eye. I didn't think it smelled like the floor, but she said it would make my eyeball shine in her special light.

She came back out and let me go back to Mommy Cate, and said I had a scratch in my eye. So they ganged up on me, pinned me down and squirted some weird stuff in my eye. Worse yet, they told me I can't play for a few days and I have to get the drops every 8 hours :(

But anyway, I'm home, and in my kennel with a kong stuffed with some peanut butter. Mommy Cate just made raspberry smoothies for her and Mommy Claire and all of us, so I guess the special treat was worth it.

Hope everyone has a better night than I did! I want an eye patch, dang it.


-- Pirate Dief


Pacing in my crate as Dief has been rushed to the vet, her eye looks strange. It's red and looks like muscle is covering it or her left eye is turned to the left :(

*Howls for Dief*

<- used secret spy satellite to find my sis

Monday, July 13, 2009

Dear Mommies...

Last night, Mommy Cate dragged me into the drowning spot. I dug in all four feets in the carpet to keep her from taking me into that room, but she's a LOT bigger than me.

Mommy Claire watched her shut the door, heard her pick me up and CROSS-TIE me.

She heard my cries and screams and howls as Mommy Cate tried to drown me. Mommy cate even had a special dog killing bottle - it's called the furminator. Ziva sat outside the door and tried to figure out how to save me. I think she scared Mommy Cate off, because somehow I survived.

Well, I have a message for you today. I'm not your cute little victim any more. I'm applying to HULA. And I has a message for you. These pictures from this morning show what I think of your attempts at drowning me last night. (Thanks, Ziva, for taking the pics for me)

Love (not so much)


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My new partner in crime

So I really like hanging with Ziva. She rocks. She's super-duper fast and when we play zoomies we take turns catching each other and she can actually catch ME! She also loves to play bitey-face all the time. It's almost like I was living with Ozzie! (Hiya BRO!)

Here's some pictures of us together. Note that I'm the one laying under the buffet. If you look closely, you can see my tribute to Ozzie. Note that not only do I have CRAZY TONGUE but I'm actually laying on it! Beat that Oz!

This hidey-place doubles as a buffet when we're fast enough.

Sabre and Ziva try to look all cool and casual, but they fail. They're just not husky enough.

Sabre talks about the smoothie we all got for breakfast.

Sabre debates if he can fit in here. I told him it's Huskies only.

Sabre says he hates apples and rolls his eyes while Ziva says "no way!"

I win the Crazy Tongue contest. I say so, and I am a princess, so that's it.



Sunday, June 28, 2009

My new friend

We have a new friend in the pack! Her name is Nadja right now, but the moms are calling her Ziva. She's a German Shepherd, and she's about 6 months old. The moms said something about her being rescued, but I dunno what she needed rescuing from. Maybe she was stuck in a tree or something. She likes to do super zoomies and bitey face just like me!!

Anyway, here are some pictures :D

Mommy Cate also stole a BUNCH of my fur. There are pictures of that too.

We're all really sad that our friend Dakota went to the Rainbow Bridge. We love and miss you Dakota!

-- Dief

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm very mad at the mommies.

Okay, so here's the deal. I like clay. Actually, I love it. I love to dig it, roll in it, eat it. So... mommy Cate got some bags of this black dirt called Potting Soil, and I dragged one around the yard and ripped it open while she was inside. It tasted great! Did she come out and thank me for rearranging? It was hard work pulling that bag. Did she say "Why Dief, I'm so happy you're enjoying yourself!"??? No. I got YELLED at. Hmmph.

So, she had a plant in the planter. She named it Rosemary. I ate it. It was yummy. It was good revenge. Guess what? I got fussed at. I hauled ass and ran with it. Mommy Cate was really mad now, and I was laughing my butt off with Rosemary in my mouth. But then she closed the gate and locked me out of the small yard! We have two fences, a chain link fence and a big privacy fence around the big yard. So she locked me out of the small yard with all the dirt and plants!

And she started using a noisy thing and cutting the pieces of wood she bought. I howled and yelled at her, but she LAUGHED.

Did you read that? She LAUGHED at ME, Princess Diefenbaker. Grrrrrrr.

So I got her back.

I'd stare at her, and say mean things. When she would look up, I would grab one of her plants that lives on the fence (a vine she says) and grab it and fight it off the fence. Ripped it right out of the ground. She laughed at me! So I kept doing it while staring into her eyes, making sure she knew WHY I was doing it. I pulled several vines off her fence and she STILL didn't let me in!

The mommies are also getting snippy when I tell them I want what they're eating. I've also been telling them I need to be on the couch. So now they're being mean and making me lay down and "behave" like a "nice girl."

I think I need a new home. Nobody should have to put up with mean mommies.


--Frustrated Dief

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is how you tell a mom you need to go outside

Get up REAL close like this and stare until they acknowledge you.

If they still ignore you, stick your tongue up their nose.

Puppy paws,

-- Dief

Monday, April 27, 2009

Yesterday was the best day!

First, I faked out Mommy Cate by getting my paws super muddy even though the clay in the yard was bone dry. She opened the door and I zoomied past her. It was SO funny running though every room in the house painting my paw prints on the cream carpet. I even made it all the way up the stairs (there were paw prints on the stairs, how cool!) and into the hallway. Sadly, Mommy Claire grabbed me before I could jump on their bed and paint it too.

But then, Mommy Cate put me in this horrible contraption she called a seat belt harness. I got myself all upside down in the truck with it and Mommy Cate had to readjust everything so I COULDN'T MOVE!!! Someone call the humane society!

But, then we drove for a while and to my HUGE surprise we went to Ozzie's house! Ozzie is my litter brother, and this was play date #2. Mommy Cate was so busy trying to clean me up before we left that she left her camera, so head over to see the pics at Ozz's blog :D


Last night when we got home, I fell asleep and slept a while. When the Mommies said "bedtime", I cried and cried and howled. I wanted my Ozzie. Finally though, around 11:30 I fell asleep. What a great day!

Puppy kisses,


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sleepy husky

I'm tired. Mommy Cate worked on potterys and put them in the kiln. I had to babysit her. Mommy Claire gave me a sour jellybean as a reward. It was really weird, but I think I liked it.

This was me sitting on Mommy Claire's lap and yawning.

Night all!

-- Dief

Mom and I have a store together!

Mommy Cate started up a new store online and said I'm her pottery puppy and mascot! Sabre gets to be the shop dog downstairs. I was pretty jealous because Mommy Cate lets him walk around and sleep beside her while she hammers stuff and uses the fire thing on the metal. She does make him leave if she does enamel, cause she has to protect something called his lungs.

Anyway, so here I was, feeling all left out, when Mommy Cate looked at me in all my muddy, clay eating glory and said "That's it! I'll call the shop Dirty Puppy Clayworks!"

So she sat back down and was making more potterys (whatever they are) and she had this big bag of really yummy clay beside her. She called it porcelain. I called it yummy and took a couple of licks before she caught me. So now I've been told I can't help by eating it. But I get to be the model! Take a look! Ignore the potterys, look at me! :D

Mommy is trying to design a logo to stamp on the bottom of all the potterys with my picture! I'm so pretty. Take THAT Sabre - boys drool and girls rule!

Puppy kisses!

-- Happy Dief

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stealth Puppy ...

or you can't catch this .....

it's raining, again! Mom is waiting by the door with a towel as Dief "The Doofus" has been out all day & refused to come in. That crazy Husky doesn't get it, if you get that muddy you go to jail. Especially when the entrance is to Mom's office.

I think she's going to be doing some hard time, also think I need to start putting my paw down again ...... on her head.


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10 things about me

My cool brother Ozzie tagged me to write 10 things about myself. Here goes!

#1 - I am the toughest dog in the house. I even chew metal.

#2 - I like my brothers' food better than mine. The moms switched me to Eagle something food - tastes like fish. I'll eat it but I still try to distract Sabre and grab a bite of his before I'll touch mine.

#3 - I have a routine in the morning. Mommy Cate lets me out of my cave, and I step my two front feets out. Then I stretch and yawn. Mommy Cate says I "coo like a pigeon." Then I dash to the door, remembering to kiss Mommy Cate at the last minute, so I have to turn around, jump up and give her a kiss before I go outside.

#4 - I don't like to be in the house. I also don't like when my sissy brothers go inside because it's storming, too cold, whatever. I'll stand on my hind legs and jump against the glass door until one of the mommies opens it and tells Sabre to go outside with me.

#5 - I sleep with a big flat buffalo toy.

#6 - I have a HUGE fluffy tail. My butt's pretty fluffy too. The moms were singing some song about them "liking big butts and they cannot lie" the other night as I walked away. I dunno what that's about.

#7 - I am an expert hole digger. I love to be filthy.

#8 - I still like to grab poop, run up and show it to Mommy Cate and then haul butt staying just out of her reach. When she starts to give up I eat it and watch her yell.

#9 - My favorite game is to fling myself against the glass door standing up, like I'm desperate to come in. Then when the moms come to the door I back up 2 feet and act like they are strangers trying to kidnap me. They give up, shut the door, and I start again when they sit back down. SOOO much fun.

#10 - I hate baths (the moms try to drown me sometimes) but I love drinking from the hose.

Husky kisses,


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hunger strike.

Okay, so here's the deal. The boys used to get Wellness like I do - I just get the large breed puppy food. Then, Mommy Cate switched them to Royal Canin German Shepherd formula for Echo's tummy. They love it and so do I.

Carmen accidentally gave ME a bowl of their food the other day. Their food tastes so GOOD! I try to steal theirs when the aren't paying attention. I have been on strike for days now, and have been eating twigs instead of my own food and just supplementing by stealing from the boys.

So, what my mommy needs to know is what do you guys eat that is really healthy for huskies (the vet said I can eat adult food now) that I won't turn my nose up at? I gotta eat something, and I think my food should be really yummy too. My Wellness food is $58 a bag, so I think she'll buy me whatever is really good. Mommy Claire found something called Eagle Pack that looks like it's designed for huskies, but we don't know anyone feeding it.

I saw that Oz tagged me, gotta go work on my answers!


-- hungry Dief

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've decided to be a teenager.

So I've decided the moms have it too easy and I need to challenge them more. Here is my master plan:

#1 - act really cute and challenge the long standing house rule that animals do not belong on the furniture in our house. I'm pretty hard to resist. See following picture for proof. I have adopted an Ozzie pose for effect:

#2 - Mommy Claire has been acting too active and happy. I torpedoed her in the chest again yesterday to try to slow her back down. It looks like it worked, she's moving a lot slower and saying ouch again. I can't let her get fast enough to chase me.

#3 - I have decided that poop is a great toy and a tasty snack. I actually don't think it tastes all that great but it REALLY makes the moms mad, so I'm eating it - but only after I make sure they see me with it and haplessly try to catch me and steal it. Mommy Cate said something about adding something to my food, but I don't know what she's talking about.

If anyone has more ideas for me, please let me know!

-- Dief the Terrible

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More new pics

Just a quick post today, as I'm just taking a break from playing with Echo. He needs lots more exercise, so I only have a couple of minutes. Mommy Claire is taking pictures of us playing.

Here are some new pics of me in the back yard. Remember to click the pictures to see them full size!

This is me practicing my "over the shoulder" casual look.

Here I am checking on the progress of the latest hole I'm working on. It's just big enough to trap Echo's favorite ball in.

Here I am giving my new hole the width test by jumping it.

Me playing with my Jolly-Ball. It's really for horses, but it's good for us big strong dogs.

Okay, back to work making Echo run around the yard chasing me. More pictures tomorrow!


-- Dief

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More pictures :)

Make sure you click the pictures to see me close up!

Mommy Cate asked me to pose for some pictures after a hard day's work:

Me after a pounce attack on Mommy Claire's broken ribs. I make sure to snuggle her afterwards to make the pain all better:

Busy, busy, busy!

Okay, so, I'm still alive. Just in case you were wondering. Mommy Claire might have wanted to strangle me sometimes lately, but I run pretty darn fast.

I have decided that being in the house is for the birds. When Mommy Claire gets up in the morning and lets me out, I wait for her to walk away from the door and run up and splat myself against it acting like I want to come in. When she comes to the door, I run to the FAR back of the yard and laugh. I do this about 5 times before she stops trying to open the door. She just puts water in my bowl, which I then try to shake clay into so she has to clean it and refill it. Paws work great for that part.

Today, Sabre and I stayed out all morning and just went inside for lunch. When she let us out after lunch, we refused to come in. FREEDOM TO DIG!!!! Wooo Hoooo!

The yard excavation is going well. Echo told me bones were buried out here so I'm trying to find them. I dug one hole big enough to hide in.

Mommy Claire snapped a picture of me outside after a hard morning's work excavating. The glass is really dirty because I took everyone's advice and messed it up so the ghost husky would leave me alone.

Oh, and hey Ozzie, I weigh 40 pounds!!!!! Mommy Claire said 5 of it is clay...

--Liberated Dief

Friday, January 23, 2009

This cold weather rocks!

Sorry I haven't posted lately. I've been spending all my free time outside. It's so wonderfully cold!

I have learned some really cool new tricks.

I learned that Mommy Claire is really fun to snuggle with. I love to surprise her with super speed husky love, so I zip down the hall and into the living room and fly through the air, landing right on her while she sits on the couch! Then I flatten myself on her chest and kiss her and bury my face in her neck.

Mommy Claire says "ow" when I do that. Mommy Cate said I have to stop because Mommy Claire still has broken ribs and I weigh 37 pounds, but I think Mommy Claire secretly really likes it, cause she laughs and cries at the same time.

I also learned that Mommy Cate's neck is super ticklish. If she blocks me trying to get my tongue in her nose I climb on her and lick her neck. Works every time! The other day I super scored and touched my tongue to hers!! It's so funny to hear her make the funny noises she makes when I make her happy like that. Kind of like "Ack, omigod, ugh!" Mommy Cate is so silly!

Gotta run, I think the door is about to open!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm being oppressed!!

My moms won't let me run, or jump, or PLAY.

First Mommy Cate took me to this place that was kind of like a vet. They petted me and gave me a shot, and when I woke up my tummy hurt.

Now she says I have to be CALM for 10 days.

Say what??

She put me in the living room for a minute and put the gate across the door, telling me I had to lie down. So of course, I jumped on the loveseat, and then onto the arm, and then LEAPED over the gate and splatted on the ground. Man, that rocked. I'm so strong! Mommy Cate screamed "DIEF!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" but I took off running and ran smack into Echo.

She put me in my crate and I howled and howled and howled so she kept me beside her all day yesterday - on a LEASH!

I know she's wrong, and that to get better I need TONS of jumping and playing and running. Can someone please tell her she's got it backwards? It's getting tough to catch the mommies off guard so I can run through the house.

By the way mommies, I'M STARVING! I know you're feeding me my usual amount of food, but I need like twice that right now. I had to jack some of Sabre's food this morning which made mommy Cate mad. Sabre wasn't too happy either. If only you'd just give me more food I wouldn't have to do that.

Anyway, I'm miserable. Someone please call the mommies and tell them that I need extra play and jumping.


-- Frustrated Dief

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

WHERE is the OFF switch?

I know Dief must have one...

She's supposed to be taking it easy. She's worse than normal. Jump, attack Echo, run, ARGH.

10 days to keep her calm? How the heck do you accomplish that with a HUSKY?



Monday, January 12, 2009

Dief is home

She's not feeling so great, but she's home from the vet and appears to be just fine. I'm sure she'll be updating everyone soon.

We've passed on gentle hugs and kisses from all of you.


Something is wrong. Very, very wrong. Need assistance.

Echo here, writing on Dief's blog.

I'll get to the point. Dief is missing and she didn't go to PetSmart.

#1) Mom Cate told her that she was going to "spay" today. Dief thought she meant play. I don't know what spay means, but mom never used that word before.

#2) Mom Claire got up with Mom Cate and conspired to get stuff out to the truck this morning.

#3) Dief asked Mom Cate for some water and she said "Sorry Babe, not today." We always get water, but the Moms picked up the water bowls so we couldn't get to them until after Dief left.

#4) Mom Cate took Dief out the door WITHOUT breakfast. We just don't do that in this house. We got fed after they left, but Dief got nothing.

#5) Today is a work day. Mom Cate never takes us with her on work days.

#6) The moms were stressed this morning. Not enough to show it to us, but I can smell it.

#7) It's past lunch time and they still aren't here. That's two meals missed. Dief will starve.

Mom Claire will NOT let me go track them. I need someone to come bust me out so I can do my job. I know I can find them if I can get out.

Please come ASAP. I'm waiting by the front door.



Thursday, January 8, 2009

Someone post bail please.

I'm in jail again. Mommy Claire said I have to be in jail until the red clay dries. All I did was have a spa day, laying in the red mud hole I dug.


-- captive Dief

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Okay, so I outgrew my crate and the Mommies gave me Sabre's for now. He's been saying he'd like to walk around at night and he promised not to eat anything he shouldn't, like an iPod, so they are letting him free for now. Me, I still gotta be jailed. It's okay, I like being in a cave, but we're all a little confused about where we should be.

Mommy Cate said something about me being booked for "spaying" Monday. I think she meant playing, so I'm looking forward to it!

Anyway, here's some pictures!

The buffalo toy Santa brought me

Me looking at Mommy Claire. She had Cheez-its.

Me practicing the evil eye look

Me in my new jail

Well, it's raining and there is red mud to be had. My holes should now be full of lovely red water too! Bye!