Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My brother Sabre is my best bud.

What could be better than hanging with your bro on the deck, in the nice cool weather, overlooking your kingdom?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Man, what a crazy few days!

So much to catch up on! Let's see...

Saturday Mommy Cate took me to see Dr. Travis, a nice lady at some place called Mercy Animal Hospital. I told her I wasn't sick, but nooo... she stuffed me in my crate and threw me in the car anyway. The ride itself wasn't too bad. Mom had the radio on and I sang really loud the ENTIRE way there. Mommy called it howling, I think that means I'm really good at it.

Dr. Travis was a nice lady. She petted me and gave me a "special" cookie cause she said something about worms. I dunno. It was a pretty good cookie. She rubbed my belly and said I was a good puppy. Then a really big mosquito BIT me! Thankfully Dr. Travis knew right where it stung me and scratched it for me. Mommy said something about being good with shots. I dunno what that means, but I hope Dr. Travis makes sure no more big bugs are there to bite me next time.

So, this weekend Mommy Cate said she was tired of my wiggling when she carried me down the stairs outside, and after I showed her I could run up them myself she decided that I could learn how to go up and down. Our stairs are about 8' tall. You go down some and then you have a nice big place to lay in the sun. Then you go down more and you're on the ground!

Mommy put a halter on me. She said I can be a big girl and do it myself as long as she has a leash on my halter and can keep me from falling. A couple of times she let me go down the last few steps on my own. I learned that if you jump from the third step it doesn't feel real good. Sabre jumped from the second so I tried that and I splatted on my chin. So now I just do a BIG jump from the first step for style.

After 3 days of making sure I was okay, I decided this morning to show Mommy Claire I was big enough on my own. So when she opened the door to let my brothers out, I zipped out really fast and surprised her! I waited for Sabre at the "landing" and had him walk down with me. Then I peed and went up a few stairs and waited for my big brother Sabre to escort me back up. He's really sweet. Mommy Claire was just shaking her head and looking shocked but I'm pretty sure she's proud of me!

This is me on my new stairs. I'm the queen of the world!

So, I got a lot more to talk about but right now I think Sabre needs me to play tug of war, so BYE!!!!

Oh yeah, and a big husky howl to my brother Ozzie!

-- Dief

Thursday, October 23, 2008

NOT sleepy!

Hahahaha. The mommies kept saying they wanted me to sleep ALL night. So I am sorta. I do wake up and ask if they're still there at 3am, but I don't have to go out now, so I just go back to sleep.

But Mommy Claire wants me to sleep during the day too? HAH! I got non-stop HUSKYPOWER now!

I don't know why Mommy Claire and Sabre and Echo are all crying together in the corner.

By the way, I'm being tortured! Mommy Cate bought a "play-yard" for me outside so Mommy Claire could do things like "eat and stuff and just have five minutes, just five minutes of peace and quiet!" during the day. But I'm in JAIL! NOT fair. Someone call the humane society please, I'm being abused!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Mommy Claire gave me a new name! My new name is Rocketbutt. I think it's pretty funny. I'm really fast, and now I've figured out that if one of the mommies has me outside that they have to catch me to make come inside!! It's a great way to exercise your humans, and really fun!

The mommies have been working on clearing out small trees and stuff on the small fence. They just bought this house 3 weeks before they got me, so they still have a lot of work to do. I'm a big strong helper, so I pitched in. I won't say I did ALL the hard work, but pictures pretty much speak for themselves:

Friday, October 17, 2008

Queen of the Hill

So, I've been pretty busy figuring stuff out at my new house, so I'm a little late posting. I kept Mommy Claire *super* busy yesterday. Humans need lots of exercise so you really gotta keep 'em moving, you know. I had a whole bunch of shortcuts I found between the living room and office. There's a couch there that separates the two, and I can wriggle behind and squeeze from room to room. It's really FUN because then the mommies have to run all the way around through the kitchen to nab me on the other side, and when they get to me I can shoot through again to the other room. Hahahahaha, man, that game is so much fun.

Mommy Cate tried to block the way with a box the other night. I ran real fast and tried to jump through the little space at the top. I got stuck in midair with my belly on the box. OOF. I couldn't touch the ground with my back paws, and my front legs and head were stuck Superman style through the front. Mean Mommy Cate was laughing really hard while she unsqueezed me, but I got her back by attacking that box of hers. Mommy Claire tried to block me out yesterday too, but I'm just THAT good. Can't touch this!

Mommy Claire told Mommy Cate I go 2000 miles per hour! I'm super fast! Glad she realizes what a big strong girl I am :D

Sabre and I are now best buddies. We play all the time. I have a new fun thing to do! I climb on his back from one side and then slide down to the floor on the other! It's SOOOO much fun. I never get tired of it.

Oh yeah, and let me tell you about my GREAT thing this morning! This is HUGE! Mommy Cate was getting dressed real quick while she thought we were all in the kitchen, but I snuck by and guess what? I climbed the stairs to the second floor all by myself!!!!

Mommy Cate was running around calling my name - it was SOOO funny. I hid upstairs and laughed and laughed. She had no idea I was hiding at the TOP of the stairs. She didn't think I could make it all the way up there. So she told Sabre to 'Find Dief!' cause he's a search dog and knows my name now. So stupid stinky Sabie came up the stairs to tell on me. But mom still didn't believe I was up there so she called Sabre back down. I think she was getting pretty upset so I came down. She saw me coming down (I was almost down to the bottom!) and she never even said what a super strong girl I am. Oh well, at least I know now I have a WHOLE NOTHER HOUSE at the top to explore!!!



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I got him pinned Mom, count to 3 quick!!

Ha ha Sabre, girls rule and boys drool!

Wow, yesterday was fun!

I'm really smart. Just so you know. Smart, fast and cute. I learned a lot of new stuff yesterday, and I'm dying to tell you about it!

First - some pictures! This picture is the three of us. The boys are sleeping, and I'm planning my next attack. I have to do this with my eyes closed so I can keep the element of surprise:

This is my picture where I caught my brother Echo. Mommy Claire wouldn't let me string him upside down like those fish pictures, so I had to go for the traditional hunter pose:

So anyway, what I learned yesterday:

#1 - I have mastered the "go outside" command. I figured out that as long as I don't pee in the house, and I at least pee a little outside, I can make the moms carry me down the stairs several times a day so I can play outside and drag small trees around the yard.

#2 - Oh yeah, I made a killer new game! It's called German Shepherd Springboard and it is soooo much fun. Check this out. What you need for the game is an escape plan (like my small secret passage behind the couch that separates the office from the living room), a German Shepherd brother that is either sleeping or just about to fall asleep (you need them to be REALLY still for this), and a good long area to build up speed in a run. Go to your starting place, pretend you're about to go to sleep, then launch yourself at FULL SPEED at your brother and jump so you land right on his back and then jump again from that point. You'll go REALLY high in the air!! Make sure you give a little WOOO HOOOO yell while you're in the air for extra cool points. You'll land a little hard, so you'll lose a few seconds while you pick yourself up. Plan for that. Next, run super duper fast to your escape route so your brother can't catch you and tell you off. Hahahahaha. I just LOVE this game!!

#3 - Mommy Cate has changed my name. For some reason my name is now Diefno! I don't get it. Silly mommy.

#4 - A super cool trick is to wait until Mommy Claire is taking a break from watching me and doing stuff on her computer while Mommy Cate is far enough away that she can't catch me. This is a sneak attack so you have to pretend you're gonna go to sleep, then explode into a super duper fast run, dive under Mommy Claire's desk, grab the mouse cable with your mouth, and keep running as fast as you can! Okay, it hurts a little when the mouse slams against the wall and it flips you on your back, but Mommy Claire's face is SOOO funny that it's worth it!!

Gotta go, Sabre's just about to fall asleep and I see some potential springboard action!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cesar Millan

Mommy Claire likes to let us watch Cesar so we can see dogs on TV. Today he showed he has a husky!! He uses the husky to get other dogs really excited!! So that's what MY job is!!


Mommy Claire is sitting on the floor crying real quiet now. Silly mommy. I bet she needs me to bite her toes or something.

Gotta go do my job now!! Sabre's almost asleep. I'm gonna go wake him up by sneak attacking him!!


Hello World!

Hi! My name is Diefenbaker, but you can call me Dief. I'm named after the "wolf" from the show Due South. The wolf was really a Siberian Husky like me. I also answer to "OUCH" and "you little imp!" and "howler". I'm 7 weeks old, my favorite things are chewing, howling, and terrorizing people, rugs, walls and my new brothers.

My new alphas are Cate and Claire, and I also live with two really big German Shepherds. They're both smelly boys, and they're named Echo and Sabre. I thought people might be entertained by my adventures, so I started this blog.

This is me:

This is my oldest brother in the pack, Echo, drowning me with his 5 foot tongue again:

Echo and I get along great, although he says he really doesn't like me biting his tail. It's fun, so I'm not sure why he doesn't like it. I can usually get a few good jump attacks in on him before he catches me. I run fast and can escape through small places he can only get his nose.

This is my other brother Sabre, who keeps telling me he's confused. He says I smell like a dog but I don't look like one or even sound like a real dog. I howl and talk at him, but he just keeps looking at me funny like he doesn't understand. I guess I need to learn to speak German or something. I think he's still trying to tell if I'm some really cool new toy. He stepped on my paw this morning, which really hurt because he's a heavy butt. I growled at him and pounced him and play-bowed twice trying to get him to take me on so I could show him I was tough, but I think he felt bad about making me cry. I hate looking like a sissy, so I'll have to beat him up when he's not looking. This is a picture of him staring at me trying to figure out where my batteries go. I don't know what batteries are, but I told him I don't think I have any. He just gave me that look again:

I don't think he's too smart.

I've lived with them for 4 days now, I left my old family on Saturday. A lot has happened since then, but Claire needs to feed me now cause my tummy hurts.