Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I snuck into Mommy Cate's iMac to post the big news

I just had to give an update. I've been at war with the Mommies. I've been ignoring them, refusing snuggles and kisses, and acting like they smell really bad. I've also been living outside as much as possible. I think I'm finally breaking through. Mommy Claire has been getting mad because I won't pay her any attention. Mommy Cate, well, I give her some to keep her feeding me and to make her trust me enough to leave her iMac logged in for a few minutes.

Anyway, big stuff here, most importantly, AWOOOOOOS to meeshka - thanks for inducting me into HULA!


I'll try to make you proud Meeshka!

Crap, she's coming back. More later.

Operative Diefenbaker out for now.

ps - paws to ozzy!